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‘To be, or not to be , that’s the question
ISTE provides a platform to engage the freshers in something exhilarating, something interesting and something exciting with an online quiz competition exclusively for 1st years.




“Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse.”
AAVISHKAR is an opportunity to bring out the beauty from the beast.It tests the abilities of students to make use of every resources available in an optimised manner.
All that one needs is to do some “JUGAAD”
from “KABAAD”.



Triveni is the annual Techfest of BIT Sindri organised by ISTE Students’ Chapter BIT Sindri .The three day fest ,organised in the month of March-April has exhilarating and breathtaking segments for young technocrats.Triveni provides a platform to the budding engineers to showcase their talent and prove their technical might. The two day fest comprises of events from technical and management domain.
Triveni with the tagline of “what’s your big idea” focuses on development of indigenous ideas and improving the technical skills of young technocrats. Keeping this in mind many eminent personalities and industry leaders are called to share their experiences.

Triveni consists of following events :-


Most Intelligent Branch

It is the battle among all the 10 branches of BIT Sindri. This segment consists of two stages. In the first stage there will be an online quiz from which 2 candidates from each branch will be shortlisted for the next round. Selected candidates will have to face competition on the day of event which again consist of two round. First one is general quiz and the second one is bidding round. In the latter, the candidates have to indulge in an auction for some popular personality on the points earned in the former.

Bring the brilliance out of you with your dexterity.

         Trust Your Instinct

TYI stands for Trust Your Instinct. This is one of the most exhilarating segment of TRIVENI. There will be an online quiz, on the basis of that 20 students will be selected.

The ratio of He and She will be the same. In the onstage round, all the candidates will be blindfolded and then paired up with opposite genders. No one will be allowed to see their partner. As nothing will visible to them, they will have to answer some questions through their instinct.


         Technical Paper Presentation


This event gives an amazing opportunity to showcase the technical Ideas on an unique and massive platform in the form of well integrated and Intriguing presentation. 

It strives to explore the inquisitiveness of young minds by giving their incredulous ideas a definite direction.


         Technical Guruji

Knowledge is the understanding of What, How and Why we do something.

Skill is applying that knowledge in a practical situation. So in this segment, students are allowed to bear those dexterity to us when we provide them with a practical situation ready

 to challenge them as an engineer. The practical situation is a surprise which will be disclosed at the time of the segment.

So go ahead ! Prove yourself as an ENGINEER.


         Robo War(Nao Guerre)


Enjoyed watching the movie ‘Real Steel’ and want to make your own fighting robrt ?

So Robo War is the right platform for you.

All you need to do is design a bot that could push the opponent’s bot out of arena , topple it or make the bot immobile.


         Robo Race(Axelerate)


Bored of playing racing games on mobile and want to enjoy it in a more realistic way ?
So Axelerate is the right platform for you .
All yu need to do is design a manually controlled robot that could tackle all the obstacle in its path and can complete the race in minimum time and and with least penalties


         kode -Kraft


Are you a coding addict ?
Do you dream in codes ? 
If yes then this event is for you. so ignite the gray matter in you , bring in your algorithmic quotient, your problem solving abilities and the debugging skills , all at one place to solve some real world, exciting and fun oriented computing problems .



This section is for the budding engineers to aware them about some of the most challenging problems for engineers. These problems are related to the existance of humans.                                                                          Students via this segment get an opportunity to show their analytical and presentation skills .




For all those amateur photographers with a passion for science out there, TECHNOSHOT is the right platform to showcase your talent. All you need to do is to capture the events of Triveni and make a after movie of the techfest .

The after movie should be of maximum 5 minutes.


         Discover BIT

“Mistakes are the portals of Discovery”

BIT SINDRI is extended in more than 400 acres land with different deparment buildings, auditorium, lecture hall complex and much more, but have you explored the whole?
You didn’t, right ?
TRIVENI comes with an exciting segment named DISCOVER BIT to provide you all an opportunity to sail through the large ocean of this BIT realm.


         Roadies of BIT

Roadies is very well known event and one of the most awaited segments of TRIVENI’19 too. This segments is divided in two levels-

  • In the first level, the Particiants will have to fill the roadies form on the basis of which participants will be shortlisted for round 2.
  • The shortlisted students will have to face a PI round with some specified tasks which will ultimately leads to the title of Roadies of BIT SINDRI.

         Guest Lecture


TRIVENI comes with a special segment GUEST LECTURE in which renowned leaders from all across the country are invited to share their experience of a journey filled with hurdles ,obstacles and how it turned out to be a stepping in their journey and ended beautifully with a success story